Atom Drop-Through Longboard - 40 Inch (Bamboo Tiki) - 40004

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When Atom's original 41" Drop-Through longboard went boom this past year we asked our riders what we could do to take this board to the next level. When they suggested an upgraded bamboo / maple hybrid deck with a little more concave and a tad more width under foot (a full 10 inches to be exaxt), genuine Navigator high performance 40 degree reverse king pin trucks, and sick new graphics, we knew they were on to something so that's exactly what we gave them. Now you can join them by adding the Atom 40" Bamboo Drop-Through Longboard to your quiver. 

Ride Style: Downhill / Cruise / Freeride
Overall Weight: 3.6 (kg) / 7.9 (lb)
Overall Length: 101.6 (c) / 40.0 (in)
Axle to Axle Length: 82.6 (c) / 32.5 (in)
Deck Construction: Bamboo / Maple
Deck Stiffness: Medium
Graphic Material: PHT
Grip Tape: 46 Grit - Alum. Oxide
Deck Length: 101.6 (c) / 40.0 (in)
Deck Width: 25.4 (c) / 10.0 (in)
Deck Weight: 1.9 (kg) / 4.1 (lb)
Truck Type: Navigator Drone
Truck Material: Die-Cast Alum / Cromoly axle
Base Angle: 40 Degree
Hanger Width: 180mm
Axle Width: 24.4 (c) / 9.6 (in)
Axle Diameter: 8mm
King Pin: 3/8" X 60mm (Cromoly)
Bushings: 90A HR
Wheel Name: AREA 51
Wheel Size: 70mm X 51mm
Wheel Spec: 78A - SHR
Bearing: 8X22mm - ABEC 9
PT: 40004

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