Atom Longboards Atom Electric H.4 Skateboard - 400W Hub Motor - 55Wh Li-Ion Battery

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  • Hub motor - with the motor hidden inside the wheel, hub motors are light and compact giving the board the feel of a normal longboard, but with power
  • Safe batteries - we use the best Lithium cells available and features 100% of them using peak charge and discharge rates before putting them in a board
  • Regenerative braking - atom electric boards not only stop safely and reliably, they charge your battery while doing it. Go the extra mile with atom
  • Customer service - atom has been making boards since 2005. Buy from a brand you can trust, and who picks up the phone when you call
  • Best value for money - because atom's designers are riders, we understand where it's okay to save money and most importantly where it's not

The Atom electric H.4 skateboard is ideal for small to medium-sized riders looking for a fun yet inexpensive way to add a little power to their commute. Its kick-tail deck shape and lightweight hub motor make it easy to POP under your arm when you jump on the bus, or POP an Ollie when you jump off it (skills sold separately). top quality skate components like super high rebound (shr) 70mm wheels, high precision trucks and bushings, and a full Canadian Maple kicktail deck make the H.4 almost as fun to ride with the power off as on. Other features: battery level indicator - don't get caught in a black-out. Check the boards built-in battery indicator to know when it's time to turn back. Ergonomic remote control - secure 2.4Ghz wireless technology housed in a lightweight comfortable remote makes controlling your board feel completely natural. Two speed modes - slow mode tames the beast for first timers and granny drivers. Fast mode unleashes it! low-maintenance - without belts or gears to maintain hub motors deliver worry free performance year after year.

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