MBS Pro Tri-pack Large Red-and-black Cushioned Protective Pads

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why you should shop with Metal Detector Mania why you should shop with Metal Detector Mania

  • MBS Pro pads are the best option when you want to push the limits of your riding
  • Protective gear offers large coverage area and quality materials
  • Skating and scooter equipment help you spend more time riding and less time bandaging
  • Manufactured with 1200 denier nylon for greater durability
  • Contoured 18 mm knee pad foam for increased shock absorption
  • Better knee pad centering
  • New rip-proof stitching design on elbow pad straps
  • Wider elbow padding
  • High-impact polypropylene protective shells and splint
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Open-back knee pad design allows you to put pads on without taking off shoes
  • Stylin' new graphics in red and black
  • Includes two knee pads, two elbow pads and two wrist guards
  • Large size fits approximately 5 foot 7 inch to 6-foot tall users

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